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Bournemouth FC
GiveVision at the Vitality Stadium
Through a partnership with GiveVision, Bournemouth FC introduced the innovative GiveVision technology to enhance the matchday experience for visually impaired fans during the game against Burnley FC. This collaboration is part of an ongoing commitment to making sports more accessible. For the first time at their home venue, fans used GiveVision headsets to follow a game, a step forward in inclusivity in sports.

Passionate Cherries fan, Hayden - "I could actually see like, where the ball was and how the ball went into the goal and it means quite a lot to me because now I can enjoy the game and be able to see it and still have the atmosphere instead of having to watch it at home"

This initiative reflects the continuous effort to integrate technology for a more inclusive fan experience, promising further advancements in accessible sports viewing.

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GiveVision and FORWARDS Festival: Transforming the Festival Experience
We partnered with Accessible Events & Team Love to bring GiveVision to FORWARDS Festival to provide an inclusive festival experience for visually impaired attendees. It was a great success, marking a significant milestone in accessibility for live events.

Sera, festival goer: "I saw things I never thought I’d ever see on that stage. Things I’d usually have to ask my support team to tell me about or catch up on the next day with the visuals on socials."

Harry, Accessible Events:
"What we’ve learnt is that the more you put on, the more the accessible customers will come"

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GiveVision at Wimbledon powered by Vodafone’s 5G network
GiveVision and Vodafone partnered to give visually impaired tennis fans a game changing experience at Wimbledon this year.

During this year’s championships GiveVision headsets were available on both Centre Court and Court 1, giving passionate tennis fans the opportunity to watch tennis like never before.

Thanks to Vodafone’s 5G network and local TV cameras, our headsets delivered live feeds directly to users, creating an immersive and inclusive experience.

Anita - "This is a life changing piece of tech that completely empowers visually impaired people not just only just in sport but in so many different applications. I think it puts visually impaired people into a level playing field with other people inside sport I’m really grateful"

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GiveVision is a purpose-driven organization operating on a not-for-dividend model. We reinvest at least 51% of our profits in the development of assistive technologies, funding pioneering research in visual impairment solutions, and providing pro-bono vision aids to those unable to afford them—ultimately fostering a more inclusive world for all.
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