About GiveVision
GiveVision is a not-for-dividend company* founded in 2014 with the aim of developing assistive technologies that can transform the lives of people with severe sight impairments.

Our mission is to set a new accessibility standard for sports and entertainment, making it more inclusive and accessible for people with sight loss by breaking down barriers and enhancing their independence.

You can learn more about our journey below
Elodie Draperi
Elodie is in charge of our operations in France, she leads on the GiveVision set-up for big upcoming opportunities such as the Paris Olympic & Paralympic Games, while at the same time overseeing our clinical studies and basically every R&D project we work on... which is why she has the title of the CEO.

Piotr Imielski
Piotr is the man behind all technologies and inventions developed at GiveVision. Every version of the software and every piece of hardware shipped from our offices was engineered by this man.

There’s no challenge too difficult for Piotr, he is always thinking 2 steps ahead and with the biggest smile on his face.
Joanna Liddington
Joanna leads our operations in the UK; her main role is to lead the transition and integration of GiveVision technology into the sports and live entertainment industry.

Having previously worked in a Premier League football club, Joanna mastered the industry jargon and etiquette, helping us blend right in.
Stan Karpenko
Stan’s role is to make sure that our products deliver on the needs and expectations of our customers and users. He works closely with our technical team but spends most of his time onsite, working directly with venues and their fans.

Stan is the kind of person who will buy a product, spend hours taking it apart to learn how it works, only to return it and build his own, improved version.
Prof Tariq Aslam
Science & Clinical
Consultant Ophthalmologist at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital and Professor at the University of Manchester.

Tariq oversaw the development of SightCheck - a home vision monitoring system built on the SightPlus platform and currently is the PI behind the RetaScan study - GiveVision’s proprietary retinal imaging system.

Tariq is kind of a big deal.
Michael Mason
Customer Support
Michael has first-hand experience of living with sight loss and the challenges that come with it. Having been an early tester and adopter of SightPlus™ since 2017, we couldn’t think of a better person to lead on user support.

99% of fan mail we get is about Michael and what an amazing guy he is.
Investing in vision:
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*Not-for-Dividend means that we measure our progress and optimise not for EBITDA but for impact (in our case the metric we use is: THOS: Total Hours of Sight) provided to our users.