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Next Generation of Low Vision Aids

SightPlus is a clinically validated low vision aid that helps helps visually impaired people see clearly up close and at a distance. It has already helped hundreds of low vision patients in the UK to improve their sight, read, work and live independently.

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Clearer vision at the push of a button

SightPlus – its a wearable low vision aid designed to help you complete many activities of daily life independently.

This pair of Low Vision Glasses can help you read small print, watch TV, write a letter and much more.

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Clinically validated solution for patients with sight loss

We've spent the last 5 years working with UK’s top eye clinicians, charities and academics to develop a device that can restore your independence.

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An option, when you feel like you are out of options

SightPlus is not just a Reading Aid – it is a wearable vision aid that is designed to help you stay active and interact with your loved ones.

Would you like to be able to read a bedtime story to your grandchildren? Or help your kids with their homework? SightPlus can help you be there for your family.

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“At home it has improved my confidence and independence as I do not have to rely on my partner to read things or tell me what is happening on TV.”

Stargardt’s disease
Darren, 36
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“I was able to easily notice the leaves swaying in the breeze, which was a hypnotic new experience for me. Watching TV, a news presenter, I was able to see a person’s eyes – another hypnotic novelty”

Inherited macular disease
Chris, 43
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“I can see things that I couldn’t see otherwise. SightPlus enables me to do a set of activities that I like: theatre, reading and crosswords.”

Macular Degeneration
Sheila, 80
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Vision Aid that lets you do more

Over 65% of our customers reported that SightPlus enabled them to perform activities that they couldn’t do with any another low vision aid. Unlike traditional magnifiers and reading aids, SightPlus is a hands-free vision aid that can help you see clearly at various distances.

Playing musical instruments, painting, knitting, gardening, DIY or even going to theatre are just a few examples of what you could do with SightPlus.

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Quick to learn. Easy to use.

SightPlus has just a few buttons, so regardless of your technical ability, it takes mere moments to set it up and familiarise yourself with its features.

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Reading Aid designed for comfort:

Using a low vision magnifier is a struggle. SightPlus is a hands-free reading aid that allows you to sit back in your chair, relax and actually enjoy the reading experience.

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Sight Aid Personalised to your needs:

You can adjust the level of magnification and contrast to suit your needs. Intelligent Vision Aid System will automatically adjust everything else so you can focus on your task.

Monthly subscription. Lifetime warrantee.

We designed SightPlus to be your sight companion for life. This is why:

  • SightPlus is the only Low Vision Reading Aid on the market to offer a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Sight plus can be purchased outright or on a monthly subscription (£55 per month + an initial set-up fee). Like a gym membership, but for sight.
  • With monthly subscription - there is no minimum contract period – you can cancel at any time. No hidden fees or cancellation charges.
  • Our T&Cs are honest and straightforward.
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The research and Development of this technology is funded by the NHS, InnovateUK, PfizerHealthCare Hub London, Nominet Social Tech Trust and Cabinet office.

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