From Libby to Charlie

Last year, we were selected by the British House - the UK's home away from home at Rio 2016 - to showcase SightPlus during the Paralympics. We then got in touch with Gold medalist and record breaking Paralympian Libby Clegg, leading to her and her former Judo Paralympian boyfriend Dan Powell trying SightPlus at our office. Libby and Dan were featured by BBC Click testing SightPlus for the first time and the segment was aired on Dec 3rd for the 'World Disability Day!'. BBC Breakfast also invited them and since then, hundreds of people have contacted us to try SightPLUS for themselves. Five months later, BBC Breakfast decided to follow up and share the story of one of our testers that contacted us after seeing Libby and Dan on TV. Charlie is our youngest user. He is 9 years old and has Stargardt's. This means that he is progressively losing some central vision. After his 2-week trial, his mother said: "Let's just say it has been life changing for Charlie. I have had the pleasure of seeing Charlie in school every day and seeing how he has not only used SightPLUS but has grown in confidence about Stargardt’s and openly spoken to children in every class about his new gadget and what it enables him to do." As we have been working mostly with adults, we had to find smaller headsets that Charlie could wear. We now call the headset he chose "Charlie" - although Charlie calls it "the gadget". Since he started using SightPLUS, we have started working more with young people to help them improve their experience of learning and following lessons at school. We feel very lucky to have Charlie and his parents on board. We are also thrilled that Libby Clegg has arranged some tickets for him and his mother to go to the World Para Championship this summer!


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My father turned a healthy 90 years last October 2019. He has very poor vision on his right eye and is completely blind on the left eye. He was an avid plastic aircraft model builder but is unable to do anything much now because of his poor eyesight. Would this vision aid be able to help him continue a productive life building his airplane models like he used to?...

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Bonjour Sylvia, Nous avons plusieurs utilisateurs avec cette condition. Nous avons essaye notre tech a differents stades de progression. Si vous utilisez regulierement une loupe ou un appareil pour zoomer, il y a de fortes chances que SightPlus ameliore votre vue. Pour le moment, nous organisons des essais en Angleterre uniquement. Tenez-nous au courant si vous avez l'occasion de venir! :)...