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GiveVision is almost certainly the first WIRED Health startup that has brought the entire judging panel close to tears. The startup has created a vision aid, SightPlus, for people with severe sight impairments, by combining augmented reality and virtual reality. It works by beaming light into the parts of the eye that are still functional, to create a clearer picture of their surroundings and help fill in gaps. A prototype is being trialled, and co-founder Stan Karpenko showed a video of eight-year-old Charlie using it for the first time to play Fifa. Charlie is silent for a time until his mother asks “What’s wrong?” A clearly emotional Charlie can only make out the words: “it works.” (

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We live in NYC, and my son has LHON - no central vision with some peripheral. They classify his sight as fingers only. My son tried the esight goggles from the Canadian company esight, and it did not work for him.

Elodie commented

Thank you for reaching out! We have a few users that have LHON. Unfortunately we organise testing sessions in the UK at the moment but I'll keep you posted if there is any opportunity to try SightPlus in the US.

Silviacorn commented

Hello I live in paris and have stargart macular degeneration hereditary desease. Have you tested your devise on patients with this type of pathology? Cordially, Silvia

Elodie commented

Bonjour Sylvia, Nous avons plusieurs utilisateurs avec cette condition. Nous avons essaye notre tech a differents stades de progression. Si vous utilisez regulierement une loupe ou un appareil pour zoomer, il y a de fortes chances que SightPlus ameliore votre vue. Pour le moment, nous organisons des essais en Angleterre uniquement. Tenez-nous au courant si vous avez l'occasion de venir! :)

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