Top 10 highlights of 2018

*1* #Product
SightPlus was upgraded, software and hardware wise. Great feedback has been collected about these improvements. SightPlus Edition 2 is available. Sign-up on our website to try it!
*2* #Certification
SightPlus is CE marked and the team implemented a kick-ass quality management system to ensure the constant improvement of our work. 
*3* #Evidence
After a pilot comparing the visual acuity and contrast sensitivity of a group of testers with and without SightPlus, it is reported that on average those testers can see more on the charts. 
*4* #Clinical evidence
We have commenced a full clinical device study with Moorfields eye hospital, expecting 60 participants by March 2019 and publication of results in the middle of 2019. This will provide peer-reviewed evidence for clinicians and decision makers and offer further evidence as the improvements in visual function with SightPlus. The study is even included in the NIHR portfolio.
*5* #Usersexperience
One of our users passed her GCSEs thanks to SightPlus, another used it to follow her grandson's wedding, another one read his medicine prescription for the first time in 8 years. So many great stories that motivate us to do better every day!
*6* #Testersengagement This year, 60 new testers have joined our pipeline of testers to support the development of our new prototype. On average, our super users take less than a day to confirm their involvement in our R&D projects. #dedication [a quote of user supporting R&D]
*7* #Distribution
This year, we partnered with Professional Vision Services to reach more people, as they have 30 years experience in equipping people with low vision aids and offer home visits. 
*8* #Team
A new member has joined the team, adding more expertise in hardware and engineering.  
*9* #partners
Working with hardware experts was a crucial step for us to develop a new prototype. We started working with an industrial partner that combines years of experience in wearables and optics. 
*10* #Internationalisation
France will be the next market for us. We have good news to share in 2019. 
Stay Tuned!



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Skip Aquino commented on Maisy, a full-on trial...and yes, she is keeping her SightPlus!

My father turned a healthy 90 years last October 2019. He has very poor vision on his right eye and is completely blind on the left eye. He was an avid plastic aircraft model builder but is unable to do anything much now because of his poor eyesight. Would this vision aid be able to help him continue a productive life building his airplane models like he used to?...

Elodie commented on GiveVision Improves Sight with AR & VR | WIRED Health 2017 | WIRED Events

Bonjour Sylvia, Nous avons plusieurs utilisateurs avec cette condition. Nous avons essaye notre tech a differents stades de progression. Si vous utilisez regulierement une loupe ou un appareil pour zoomer, il y a de fortes chances que SightPlus ameliore votre vue. Pour le moment, nous organisons des essais en Angleterre uniquement. Tenez-nous au courant si vous avez l'occasion de venir! :)...