Our Mission

Our goal is to eradicate the barriers preventing people living with sight loss from living full and independent lives. GiveVision exists primarily to provide innovative accessibility solutions to empower increased numbers of blind and visually impaired people into mainstream society, education, and employment, and to inspire increased social inclusion and ultimately equal opportunities for blind and visually impaired people. Our tool for reaching this goal is our SightPlus sight aid technology, and we reinvest more than half of our profits into this goal.

Mission Statement

GiveVision has been established to:

- promote and develop in every possible way the advancement of technology to support people living with sight loss

- advance research involving the study of sight loss for the benefit of the community

- encourage education and recognition of the social, physical and mental difficulties faced by those living with sight loss

- enable people involved in eradicating sight loss to meet, correspond and to facilitate the exchange of ideas concerning the science of sight loss